Agent X has psionic powers?

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It said on Agent X's page "He also gained a portion of the Black Swan's psionic powers, although he seemed unaware that he was even using them." is this true? I'v only seen him use it once and if it is wouldn't deadpool have as well?     I just want to know if he's used them any other time?

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Holy Sh!t did anyone see that? I post this not even 5 mins ago and it's 147 view!!!  
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He used it without even knowing it when he beat up Taskmaster.... Taskmaster said that somehow he could not read his moves...
His shooting skills "could" also be influenced by his psionic powers(from Black Swan) 
He was the only one who could see Mary Zero....this definetly implies use of psionics.....

Do you see the line "Sexy Mama" in this pic?  
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...if you read the whole series, it is explained in full detail. He absorbed part of Black Swan's psionic ability as well as part of Deadpool's healing factor. I don't think he has either anymore.

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I'v read the Agent X series, the thing I remember them talking about when it came to copying powers was that deadpool powers were copied to each of them, memories and personality..    


@RavenDark:     who's Mary Zero???    
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