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On a mission in Madripoor, Agent Huang got caught in a fight between Tony Stark (Iron Man), Roughhouse and Bloodscream. When the fight ended, Madame Hydra arrived and told Stark that her police officers had captured the man that tried to kill him. Beaten and bound, Huang was about to face the wrath of Madame Hydra and her laws of Madripoor. As she drew out her sword to execute his punishment, Stark was placed in an awkward position. He could call forth his armor to save Huang and abort the mission or he could stand by and let him die. Stark knew his armor couldn't get there in time. Huang looked Stark in the eye and "told" him to let him die. Stark needed to stick to the plan. Continue the mission to overthrow Madame Hydra's hold on Madripoor.

Huang died a noble death, in service of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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