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 Agent Helix
Agent Helix is a special operative within the Gi-Joe organization. Officially she does not exist and is not a member of the military. According to General Hawk, Helix is an "Alpha Level" operative with "special" skills. He uses the term "Total Organic Battlefield Awareness" when describing what exactly it is Helix is capable of doing. After Helix disappears while on a covert mission in Tokyo Duke is called in and Hawk begins to debrief him on the missing Joe. Duke is shown a combat training exercises in which he sees for himself just how unique Helix truly is.  Positioned in the center of an empty room Helix is attacked by several armed men. Instantly she begins to whisper to herself the type of weapon each individual attacker is using, along with the exact number of bullets in their clips, and chamber.
Organic Battlefield Awarness
She easily dispatches them before reciting the exact number of bullets each attacker has remaining, showcasing the ability to accurate count how many shots were fired from each weapon.
  Hawk then explains to Duke that his mission will be totally off the record. His objective, find Helix. He is then given a full dossier on the secretive agent in which he learns more about Helix's special abilities. As a child she was a near master of several forms of martial arts, including Kendo, Fencing, Muay Thai, and several other deadly combinations. Her ability allowed her to master any fighting style she encountered, competing around the World in Tournaments sometimes to the death. Defeating masters with a lifetime of knowledge without receiving any damage herself. Its revealed that Helix is a savant who sees the World in a complex series of data and information. Hawk goes on to explain how Helix can solve complex physical calculations at an unheard of rate of speed.
 The way Helix sees the World
Duke is then sent to Tokyo on the trail of Helix. Her mission had been to get close to a possible Cobra go-between named Sato in order to test her field abilities and information gathering. But after Helix failed to report on two separate occasions Hawk had become convinced that Cobra had gotten to her. In reality though she had gone deep undercover becoming Sato's new favorite toy. But after Sato failed Cobra, they kidnapped and threatened to murder his wife if he did not destroy the Tokyo stock exchange as a suicide bomber. Unaware that his wife was already dead, Sato agreed. Duke finally tracks Helix down and she explains the entire situation to him. Together they converge on the stock exchange just before opening in hopes of stopping Sato before its to late. Helix slips into some sort of trance as she appears to be overloaded with information. Yet she slips out just in-time to prevent Sato from detonating himself. She then disappears into the crowd. Upon returning to Joe headquarters with the captured Sato, Duke demands to know what happened to Helix, only to be met with the reply, "I'm sorry, I am not familiar with any Joe operative by that code name." - Hawk

Other Media:

  Gi Joe: The Rise of Cobra Video Game - Helix is an unlockable character in the Joe video game and is named after the developer.
 Hasbro Action Figure - In 2009 Helix was officially introduced into the Gi Joe Rise of Cobra movie toyline. Despite having never appeared in the motion picture.

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