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Written by Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn and drawn by Tony Moore.

Major Story Arcs

When the dead former presidents of the united states are resurrected, Agent Gorman doesn't want the public to see Captain America be-heading Harry Truman because it will make him look bad. So he puts Agent Preston on the job to re-kill the presidents without public finding out, she then hires Deadpool to do it for his public image is already ruined beyond belief.

Deadpool succeeds in killing the presidents, but at the cost of Agent Preston's life. When Agent Gorman finds this out he is furious at Deadpool and doesn't pay him his fee, Deadpool responds by ripping Agent Gorman's moustache off. Gorman then witnesses the Avengers thanking Deadpool. He then tells Deadpool he's made an enemy and leaves.

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