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Agent 47's origin is somewhat unique, he was cloned from the DNA of some of the worlds greatest crime lords, terrorists, etc. These men were Lee Hong, A Hong Kong Triad Leader. Pablo Ochoa, A Columbian Drug Cartel Leader. Franz Fuchs, One of the infamous Fuchs brothers and a Terrorist. Arkadij Jegorov, an International Gunrunner from Kazakhstan and finally Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer. These men all served in the same unit in the French Foreign Legion. The goal of Ort-Meyer's experiment was to create perfect soldiers, who were fiercely loyal yet intelligent. It was considered a failure when 47 slaughtered all of his "Brothers" and snapped Ort-Meyer's neck.

Becoming an Assassin

47's first kill was a fellow clone who picked on him at the Asylum where Ort-Meyer ran his cloning program. His first four official targets were four of his five "fathers". Later 47 found peace for short time in the Catholic Church but had to resume his activities in order to rescue a close friend, Father Vittorio from kidnappers. After the rescue 47 left to become a hitman again in order to protect the Father as well as himself.

World Class Assassin

After leaving the Catholic Church to become an Assassin, 47 traveled around the world eliminating targets for the ICA (International Contract Agency) with legendary precision.

Notable Kills

- Lee Hong - Leader of a Hong Kong Triad

- Pablo Ochoa - Columbian Drug Cartel Leader

- Franz Fuchs - Terrorist

- Arkadij Jegorov - Kazakh Gunrunner

- Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer - Creator

- General Makarov - Russian General

- General Mikhail Bardachenko - Russian General

- General Vladimir Zhupikov - Russian General

- Giuseppe Guillani - Sicilian Mafia Don

- Agent 17 - First Successful Clone Assassin

- Sergei Zavorotko - Russian Crime Lord

- Every 48 Clone - "Superior" Assassin Clones

- Masahiro Hayamoto - Yakuza Leader

- Charlie Sidjan - Malaysian Electronics Tycoon

- Deewanna Ji - Doomsday Cult Leader

- Kahn Abdul Bismillah Malik - Leader of Nuristan

- Rutgert van Leuven - Dutch mobster and motorcycle gang leader

- Inspector Albert Fournier - Paris Police Detective

- Lord Winston Beldingford - English Aristocrat with a passion for hunting Humans

- Alistair Beldingford - Son of Winston Beldingford, Shares his father's passion for hunting

- Campbell Sturrock - Scottish Crime Boss

- Malcolm Sturrock - Campbell's brother, serial killer

- Sergei Bjarkov - Corrupt Russian General

- Fabian Fuchs - Youngest Fuchs brother, Terrorist

- Alexander Leland Cayne - Former FBI Director

- Mark Parchezzi III - Albino Clone Assassin

- Don Fernando Delgado - Retired Colonel and Drug Lord

- Manuel Delgado Fernando's son

- Alvaro D'Alvade - Opera Singer and Rapist

- Richard Delahunt - American Ambassador to the Vatican

- Vinnie Sinistra - Cuban Drug Lord

- Skip Muldoon - Crime Syndicate Head

- John "Pappy" LeBlanc - One of the Richest men in Mississippi

- Sheikh Al-Kalifa - Saudi Billionaire

- Anthony Martinez - Crooked CIA Agent, Arms Dealer

- Daniel Morris - Vice President of the United States

- Ali bin Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Fulani - Businessman from Morocco

- Mikhail Belicoff - President of Russia

- Udre Belicoff - Arms Dealer, Slave Trafficker and Drug Trafficker, Brother of Mikhail Belicoff

- Mr. Price - German Arms Dealer

Other Media

Hitman is an action film directed by Xavier Gens and based on the same video game series. Hitman is a gun for hire known as Agent 47. He was raised to be an assassin by a group known as "The Organisation" and gets involved in a political conspiracy. He is chased by both Interpol and Russian military. Timothy Olyphant stared as Agent 47. The movie was released on November 21, 2007.

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