xerox_kitty's Age of X: Universe #1 - Chapter 1 review

Avengers Unassembled


Two stories covering the activities of popular Marvel heroes in the warped reality of the Age of X.

Legacy recalls the memories of Captain America. The Avengers were a clumsy incoherent bunch of psychotic murders who failed to keep a mutant riot under wraps. They're then sent on a mission to locate the newly constructed Fortress X, using Weapon-S to sniff out the mutants. Once the tower is located, new orders arrive to assassinate all mutants. Hulk relishes in the order by immediately killing Weapon-S.

Spider-Man keeps the Sentinels distracted, sacrificing his own liberty (and possibly life) in order for MJ to escape America with their unborn baby.

The Good

Sonia Oback is usually teamed-up with her other half Mike Choi, whose gentle line-work she compliments brilliantly. However, here it is her colours that drag the Avengers story out of the mud kicking & screaming. Sadly Khoi Pham's art is dull, mediocre at best. Without a doubt it relies heavily on Ms Oback's talent to turn it from competent to flashy.

The Spider-Man story has a lot of heart. It is the much needed uplift after the Avengers story.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the most of this issue is just substandard. The two stories are okay, but not great. The art is mediocre, but not amazing.

Confusing Signals

The story with the Avengers is an exercise in making the Earth's Mightiest Heroes look warped & scary. It is told through flashback, containing more flashbacks. Unfortunately, the emotional impact of he Invisible Woman's flashback is neutered as it was already revealed in the promotional material weeks before the Age of X had even started!

The Spider-Man story was sweet, but inconclusive. It's unclear whether the scan at the airport positively identified a suer-powered embryo within MJ's body, or whether it was saying she was clear to pass through. Also, the logic that Spider-Man is being hunted because he has super powers is contradictory with the previous Avengers story. It's a sweet story, but doesn't make sense.


If this issue was released sooner, then it would have had a greater dramatic impact. However, as it was released after Chapter 4 of the Age of X then we already know that there isn't a world outside of the Fortress' Force Walls. As such, these flashbacks within flashbacks never even existed in the first place.

Verdict - 2 out of 5

A sheer disappointment. Perhaps it would have been better if written by Mike Carey. Perhaps it would have been better if it was released sooner.

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Posted by Zaber

Yes, you got that right!

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