dark_noldor's Age of X: Universe #1 - Chapter 1 review

Avengers = Mutant Hunting Group

This series suffers the "tie in" condition of not being as great as the main series, a commom thing in tie ins, especially when the creative team in charge of the arc story isn´t part of the creation, despite the fact that the editors were. And where´s the editors to do their work in books like these? Reading "Age of X Alpha" and "Age of X Universe" is completely incongruous with the tone and theme that Carey is proposing for this arc story in the main books - X-Men Legacy and New Mutants, at least in my opinion. Sure, it´s good seeing a little of the past of this chaotic world where mutants are persecuted and hated like they haven´t in the regular Marvel Universe, but it´s hard to believe that everything actually happened once you already read New Mutants # 23, since it defies the existence of a world outside the force walls of Fortress X. I´m rambling, I know, but this is serious stuff. At least this issue was good for showing different personas of Bruce Banner (a fascist, broken soul, moved only by hate), Captain America, Sue Storm ( apart from the Fantastic Four because they protected mutants), Jessica Drew (a vicious murderer), Ghost Rider (ridiculous and short appearance), Tony Stark (a zombie??) and General Castle (from far the best). Aside from the fury of Banner and some not annoying dialogues, this issue wasn´t good, even Pham´s art was a little off, not his best (and Tom Palmer did an incredible work in removing the cartoonish aspect of his art - perhaps that´s why it´s a little off). I do not recommend this book, if you want to read Age of X this is totally not essencial. And the short story of Spider-Man was great, perhaps the best of this issue, but it´s not alone good enough to justify buying this.
2 out 5


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