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Best issue of the series so far but that's not saying much

I have been majorly disappointed with this series and I have not enjoyed a single issue of this series and with last issue being truly catastrophic in quality (which I didn’t review because I hate reviewing comics I don’t like) I had all but lost hoped with this book but I wanted to see this through to the end as I want to see what the repercussions of this event are.


Several months ago Hank Pym, Tony Stark, Reed Richards have found the Vision and are talking about him but then the Vision wakes up.

In the present the surviving heroes are heading off to Nick Fury’s bunker in the Savage land and get there and find Nick Fury.


I liked this better than all of the other issues but still it’s not great really not great I’m not enjoying this it’s a slow paced story which can work sometimes but at this point I’m getting my hopes up a bit more for this series as the twist at the end will make things more interesting and hopefully speed the series up a bit but personally I feel like this has been stretched out too much 10 issues? This first act could have been compressed down to 2-3 issues and some parts of this aren’t even really needed but it has taken the Avengers five issues to get to this point? Sorry but that is too slow and I’m really disappointed I’m one of the people who overall really liked Bendis’s run on Avengers (except for the end where it lost steam) because at the beginning of his run I loved it but to end on something that is so ridiculously bad and a horrendous mess because the pacing some of the character moments just ruined the book and I love Bendis All new X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy are two of my favourite series so this was really disappointing but I think Bendis never really has done well with events and this is yet another disappointment so far. This issue still suffers from pacing problems but it’s an improvement over the rest of the series.

This issue is actually extra sized this is probably due to the extra 4 pages at the beginning with the Vision in. The scene with the Vision is interesting to say the least as it answers some of the questions posed from last issue about the Vision and the scene is interesting and explains who the Vision is for people who don’t know and in doing so it does add tension to what happens in this issue it’s a good scene but the best part is it adds some backstory to the event which has been severely lacking in this event which has dragged the overall quality of the book down but this was great to see. The following scene really connects the two together showing the meaning for it being there and I also liked the following bit because it showed the stress the characters are under and the mental stress one in particular is under particular stress which might explain some of his actions later in this issue (which I won’t spoil) I do however have an issue with this which is that this is out of continuity I know this series was meant to have been completed before it was even announced my point is this says that this scene is months in advance of the Age of Ultron but Hank Pym is wearing his wasp outfit which he wore before Siege and the Vision was found after Fear Itself so unless I’ve missed something completely this is a complete error on both Hitch and Bendis’s part sorry but this was just a problem that stood out to me.

I was also pleased to see Nick Fury appear again as he’s been out of mainstream Marvel for a while only really making brief appearance in Winter Soldier so I was pleased to see him make an appearance in a more prominent Marvel series. Nick Fury’s role is important in this issue as he basically changes the direction of the series entirely because of him. I wasn’t surprised to see him return though since there have been a lot of references to him in the past but still I was happy to see him return as he always makes the story more interesting which is something this story sorely needs.

There is a scene in Austin in Texas where we see that it hasn’t been attacked yet this was an interesting scene and I loved the two page spread of Ultron attacking Austen but why was this needed? Seriously this comes out of nowhere literally I liked that element of it as it was an interesting twist to the story I don’t know how this fits in to the story unless it is to show how Ultron attacks out of nowhere and destroys a town but considering how this issue ends I don’t know if we will get answers as to what exactly happens here.

The ending itself promises better things for this series as it looks like it will be split between two different time periods so there will be more to read and the story will progress more due to there being to separate stories so I do hope a little more for this series but I still have my reservations about this series considering the quality of the first few but here’s to hoping and this could lead to some interesting story and character moments in coming issues.

The art is better than last issue which looked rushed at several points but there were a few moments were faces looked especially in the scene with Nick Fury where the inks looked sketchy and a bit thin but this is only noticeable at a few points. Bryan Hitch did a fantastic job on most of the scenes though especially the double page spread with Ultron’s attacking Austen it looked really impressive with a nice layout but the last page I think is my favourite overall because I know Hitch is good with large double page spreads with lots of characters in but the final page focused on one character and it did look fantastic. Sadly this is Hitch’s last issue on the series but we do get Carlos Pacheco and Brandon Peterson who are both good artists as well but I think Hitch handled the look of this dark world full of rubble very well but because of the change in this series I think this will work for the better and that the book will still look fantastic and the this is a good point for an artistic change.


I liked this issue it is still very slow but the quality of the book has improved and considering the ending I think the book is on the up overall and I liked this issue but I still have my reservations about it and the overall series as I always think with this series it is going to get better but then it just disappoints but it seems it might be on the up with this twist though.

3 stars

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