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For an event comic, this is incredibly uneventful

So much has happened in the series. Multiple heroes have been killed, the world is controlled by robots, and the few heroes that remain are desperate to find a solution.

And yet despite all of this, it feels like nothing is going on. The story moves a long at a snail's pace (Honestly the first three issues could have been reduced to one without much difficulty),and when a character is killed off, there's no depth to their death, and there is no meaningful reaction from any other characters.

On the plus side, the panels showing the destroyed cities look amazing, which is probably the book's one saving grace.

Every issue so far has had the same impact on me: profound disappointment, and boredom. The only reason I can think of to be reading this book is because Marvel is hyping up the ending as much as they possibly can, and making it seem like you need to read it in order to understand what happens next in the Marvel Universe. If not for that fact, I wouldn't be reading this series, or even care enough about it to look up a plot summery.

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