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The remaining heroes put there plan to action


The Good:

Bryan hitch is just knocking it out of the park with this issue! The detail in this issue of the rubble of the remaining cities just adds to the cinematic feel of this event. In this issue we finally get to see a plan put into action by the remaning heroes, and a plan that well she hulk decided to change. One of the things that i enjoyed about this comic is that we actually seem to be moving slowly forward with this story.

The Bad:

Unforntunatley the bad outweighs the good in this issue. we still have no idea where this takes place, how it happened and why. And tony stark has been iron man for how long? You would think that if your iron man you would see a nuclear explosion at least a couple times. Also if you were a hero wouldn't you want to make sure you keep other allies alive? well not according to red hulk who smashes first and thinks never. Taskmaster is seen in this issue getting punched through the chest by red hulk because he doesen't trust him. You would also think that getting punched through the chest would make a diffirent sound then SMASH. Honestly im starting to think that this event isn't really going to go anywhere besides Avengers AI. i mean the deaths that happened last issue and in this issue [She hulk, taskmaster] arent going to mean anything i mean they will be back, we already know because of infinity.


Age of Ultron is basically a meaningless event, that doesent know where its going. i would give this series one more issue if things dont start moving forward faster drop it.


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