mucklefluga's Age of Ultron #3 - Book Three review

Age Of Ultron: Book Three

The Good

Bryan Hitch's art in the series continuous to look superb. The huge, detailed landscapes look so great, you could look at them for ages. I love the fact that he puts so much detail into this comic, it shows he cares about it. The inks and colours are great too, the way they are used really add to how depressing this apocalyptic world is.

The fight between Ultron(s) and Red Hulk (should i call him Dave?) are very enjoyable and entertaining, it isn't very long but you sure are given a wonderful sight.

Yay Cap is acting more Cap-like in this issue. It's great to see him acting more optimistic and heroic after the scenes we have seen with him before in this series.

Another thing i loved about this issue was how threatening the Ultrons (is that grammatically correct?) are. When you see Red Hulk's group trying to go through with their plan you really see how dangerous this world is and how vulnerable each character is.

As always Bendis adds in his little bits of comedy into some of the characters dialogue, it may feel wrong it this situation but the jokes were not forced in any of the characters speech.

Holy majoly! The ending! I was totally expecting the character at the end to be one person and it really shocked me to see who it actually was!

The Bad

For me not too much seemed to happen in this issue. The story was over very quickly. You are given Cap's plan and how our heroes react to it and then you discover what is happening between another group of heroes which is interesting but it still ended too soon for how much it costs. Maybe i read it too quickly?

The Verdict

You are given only a little more story which may feel as though you are getting ripped off for how much money you paid for it. However the amount of time you will spend staring at the mesmerizing panels of the landscapes and the super cool fight scene by this art team will make up for it. Also woah, that ending! Go buy this comic to see who is probably behind all this destruction!


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