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Is this really the Event we have been waiting for

So this issue continues the whole plot from last issue.We are seeing how different heroes are dealing with the current situation the world is in.And this time we get to see what's in San Francisco and how Black Widow and Moon Knight have been doing.Almost nothing is told to us for them except the fact they have been on a mission together and that's why they are together trying to survive.It doesn't look like it's such a bad thing at all because somehow only a few characters are involved and those characters are the favorite of Bendis and that's why he's using them.

It looked like this issue might show us the way of other heroes besides the ones that are in New York but it doesn't work.The whole thing between Moon Knight and Black Widow was how they stole food from some guy so they can't starve to death and after that we got a few pages where they were summing up everything that happened with them and it looked like almost nothing happened.And how things were moving in the end it felt like in the end of this event Bendis may make those two a couple or just something like friends with benefits.I really hope that doesn't happen because I would be even madder at Bendis for this.

And so I'm not going to complain even more and I'm just going to mention one more moment of the issue that just felt odd and didn't work at all.We saw Cap sobbing in the corner with his shield broken and in this issue after Spider-Man(who I am still not sure if it is Otto or Peter) told what happened and how he got caught,Cap standed up looking like he has a lot of energy and like wasn't in that corner sobbing two minutes ago and now he has a plan.How the hell does it work?When you are sad you don't get up full of energy after someone told you his story and want revenge or something like that.And why did he get his shield?He will fix it with duct tape?He was holding one piece of it that looked like he can only slice ham with it and not hurt robots that have taken over the world.

And of course the good part of the issue is again the amazing pages from Bryan Hitch.His work is so gritty and dark that it gits perfectly the situation the heroes are in.He makes every page look beautiful even though it doesn't work and they are just amazingly bad.I actually want him to do all of the ten issues and not just half of the thing because Brandon Peterson's artwork is too bright and not that good as Hitch's.

So second issue is even worse than the first one and things are still not explained and even more characters get the spotlight but again no Ultron.I don't know what the hell Bendis has planned but so far it isn't working.Fear Itself was bad but at least it showed us who is the villain but here Ultron still hasn't got even a panel of a single page.All though this will continue to get at least a one star because of Hitch's artwork but if it doesn't show us how all of this happened and where the hell is Ultron I don't think I'm going to like this at all even though I want to like it.


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Posted by TDK_1997

@TheAcidSkull: Thanks for the good words!

Posted by DJ1107

I'll admit this issue was a drag. I'm still going to read it to see exactly what Cap's plan is.

Posted by TDK_1997

@DJ1107: I will also continue reading but so far I'm not impressed.


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