Age of Ultron #2

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The Good

Last issue we witnessed the sudden start of the Age of Ultron. Without seeing how it all started, we were just thrown into the middle of the action. This gave the story a sense of mystery that also kicked up the fun factor a bit. As the second issue is released just a week later, we get to see more of what is now the Marvel Universe.

As seen on the cover, Black Widow and Moon Knight appear. Last issue we just got a small glimpse of some of the survivors. It's great seeing there could be others out there as well. The scenes Brian Bendis sets up conveys the sucky nature of the after effects of Ultron's attack. We're still not getting all the answers but we are seeing more.

Bryan Hitch does a great job drawing heaps of rubble. This is the Marvel Universe in utter despair. Seeing the effects of the attack on certain characters will be a little shocking. It's great seeing what Bendis has for him to draw. The characters and locations makes the excitement level increase.

As we find out more about what triggered the change in what we knew of the Marvel Universe, the hooks dig in deeper making you want to know more.

The Bad

There are bouts of action in this issue but it's still a little more of trying to figure out what happened. This was a concern for some last issue and it is understandable that we would want to see more action. Clearly this is setting up some big action for next issue (but the Black Widow and Moon Knight scene was great!).

What's up with Spider-Man?

I was under the impression that this was the SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN version as we've seen a preview for SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #6AU and the cover shows the new costume. Yet in a flashback scene here, it's clearly the old costume, hence regular Spider-Man. The Spider-Man here does feel more like Peter. Just a little confusing.

The Verdict

We may be on event-overload but I'm getting more and more excited for this one. We still don't have all the answer as to how it all started but we are getting some more details. Seeing other characters like Black Widow and Moon Knight was great. We are getting more set up. It's looking like next issue will definitely contain more action. Bryan Hitch's are great as he captures the mood of this world and seeing his character designs here makes the story more compelling. I almost feel like a kid getting this excited over a comic book event. I can't wait to see what happens next.


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