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Little men find their own destruction...

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The Resurrection Agenda, written by David Lapham and pencilled by Robert De La Torre, continues on from last issue with the X-Terminated attacking one of Henry McCoy's labs where he and Sugar Man are reviving some of the most powerful dead mutants to serve the Overlord (aka Weapon Omega). The X-Terminated might have a trick of their own up their sleeve in the form of the Hulk.

Straight forward enough plot in this issue. While the X-Terminated battle away against Beast, Sugar Man, Emplate and a bunch of Infinites, Goodnight tracks down Bruce Banner and tells him the Overlord has his former wife Betty Ross as a means to get the Hulk on their side. When things look lost for our heroes, with Prophet down and the others outnumbered, the Hulk predictably arrives just in time. In the ensuing rampage, the X-Terminators use the chance to shut down the lab and escape - with Horror Show even capturing Sugar Man in the process. The story ends with Hulk encountering Overlord as the two fight and Hulk is killed. Upon the death of the Hulk, we discover The Overlord probably never had Betty at all and it was all a ruse designed by Prophet to ensure the one-time assistance from Hulk (knowing Hulk would die in battle against Overlord).

This is a pretty good issue. We get plenty of action from the X-Terminated and, finally, some more characterization towards Goodnight and Horror Show. As for the other characters, they all get little moments of action but little in terms of character pieces. With that said, one of the highlights of the issue is when Prophet and Horror Show are captured by Beast, and Prophet offers a "Free us or die" type of speech (aka Luke Skywalker at the Sarlaac Pit speech) which is pretty badass. The stuff with the X-Terminated again proves to be exciting and enjoyable to read.

The only real letdown of the issue was the Hulk. Despite the cover, his role in this story is very understated as is his fight with Overlord. While I like this book because it stars a bunch of unusual characters, when it has a cover of the Hulk fighting Overlord, you kinda have certain expectations of the issue therein. There's barely even a fight, with Hulk quickly being killed by Overlord. It's a shame because it would've been interesting to see the classic rivalry twisted with regards to Wolverine's new Apocalypse powers. Alas, don't go in expecting anything like the cover suggests.

Other than a minor disappointment from an unfulfilled promise, this issue was good. The X-Terminated again deliver an entertaining issue of action and kicking ass and, really, that is the main draw for the book to me. I am definitely enjoying these characters and it's nice to see a Marvel book focusing on guys who aren't Iron Man and didn't even have a fanbase prior to this book. Deadeye, Fiend, Goodnight, Horror Show and Prophet are genuinely cool and interesting characters and they are easily the main reason to be reading this book.

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