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Great issue! 0

This series is my second favorite post apocalyptic dystopian comic series next to The Walking Dead. It does not play at being edgy like DC's New 52, it outright is hardcore edgy comics. Never does an issue arrive that is not packed to the gills with blood. One of the coolest things about it is pretty much what was one of the coolest thing about this series when it came out in the 90s. We get to see some of our favorite characters in a dark mirror. Like Star Trek's Mirror Universe. Often the bad ...

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Little men find their own destruction... 0

AF Reviews: X-MenThe Resurrection Agenda, written by David Lapham and pencilled by Robert De La Torre, continues on from last issue with the X-Terminated attacking one of Henry McCoy's labs where he and Sugar Man are reviving some of the most powerful dead mutants to serve the Overlord (aka Weapon Omega). The X-Terminated might have a trick of their own up their sleeve in the form of the Hulk.Straight forward enough plot in this issue. While the X-Terminated battle away against Beast, Sugar Man,...

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