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I have heard you are the last sight of many a mutant...

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Back from the Dead by David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre continues Age of Apocalypse as the X-Terminated try to stop Beast and Sugar Man reviving the dead X-Men to serve The Overlord.

The X-Terminated go into action to stop the mad scientists from reviving some of the most powerful mutants. Fiend continues to sabotage the lab in secret as Prophet makes a deal with Sebastian Shaw and Horror Show gets drunk. Meanwhile, Goodnight tracks down Bruce Banner to help them in their cause. We end with Deadeye, Horror Show and Prophet launching an assault the lab, while inside, Fiend kills the newly resurrected Abyss only to be subsequently beaten by Emplate.

This is kinda a good action-packed issue. As I've been saying, all the X-Terminated just look badass so it's great to see them, again, be badass. There are still a few problems with the art being a bit hard to tell the characters apart in action scenes, but it's a problem that I can live with. It's also nice to see each of the 5 members of the X-Terminated again get their own parts in the story, this is a much better writing of a team than most the Avengers or X-Men books currently are.

I am also kinda critical of the lack of character being given to Horror Show. We were introduced to him as a drunk and three issues in, the only characteristic we really have is that he is a drunk. While this issue touches on his issues with his father, the predominate factor of the character - and the only prominent one - to separate him from the others is that he drinks a lot.

This issue is good fun, but a lot of it does seem set-up for an even more action-packed second part. The few problems I have with this series so far aren't enough to make me stop reading and the characters still interest me. Although I saw a review below criticizing the X-Terminated and wanting more X-Men, so I guess I might be of the minority who legitimately find the X-Terminated to be cool new characters I like to read about.

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