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Confusing Artwork!

I wanted to give this a fair chance so I went three issues before saying anything. I've got to say, while the art is unique and matches the mood of the story, I find it incredibly distracting. I really want to like it but it's extremely hard for me to tell which character is which or to even get a good idea as to what a particular character looks like. Any comic where I can't tell who's who within a single issue is problematic.

I also find the idea of resurrecting several characters at once to cheapen the process. There's just something incredibly cheesy about bringing a bunch of characters back to life in one fell swoop and I thought the idea felt out of place in the story. I think evil AoA Cyke is a fabulous character and it's awesome he's back but anybody else is a bit of a stretch.

I like the idea of Harper as both narrator and journalist lost in time interacting with the masked human resistance. Some of his dialog in this issue was pretty painful but I'm still hopeful; I think he has potential assuming he's not killed off.

I'm going to keep reading for a few more issues, particularly to see how mortality works. The end of issue 3 left me wondering who was hurt and/or who died; I need to see how that's handled before dipping out. The thing is, if the artwork still confuses me and I'm flipping pages to determine who's who next issue, I will be dipping out.



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