dark_noldor's Age of Apocalypse #11 - The Final Battle review

Evolution is a mess! Tears for you!

Bringing back the Age of Apocalypse was a bold move by Remender and editorial folks, but it paid off, delivering one of the best Uncanny X-Force arc stories. Letting the concept alive in a self titled brand new series were even a bolder move and again the pot was worth it! David Lapham built from the ashes of Apocalypse, a dark new world, where humanity is on the verge of extinction and Wolverine, carrying the Black Seed, is the new Overlord, doing the Celestial's evolution dirty work. The sum of 11 issues (plus a point one) results in this incredible conclusion of Prophet's machinations, plots and bets, in an emotional wrap up between Jean and Logan. It's sad that one of the best things about Age of Apocalypse, the original series from Scott Lobdell, the fact that Jean and Logan were together - well, at least untlll Cyclops entered the scene - was abruptly changed in this series, since Jean, who's lost her mutant genes, and Logan can no longer be togehter. Jean has been a key player in this series since the first issue, when she was "rescued" by Prophet's team: from the hope of stopping Logan, to the exercises, the training, serving as bait to get Quentin Quire, even as a romantic pair for Creed, this series had Jean Grey writen all over it, so it's very fitting that Jean, retconning the sad goodbye of her to Logan in the original series, after all, will be Logan's final kiss, if Prophet's plans work as he planned. I'll admit that this series were a good surprise: when I first got a glimpse of it in a point one single issue one shot, it didn't quite seemed as interesting to me, but Lapham envisioned a fantastic world, his narrative is dense, full of intelligent notes, painting culture from among the world (like, I loved a line in this issue that goes "...mutant brain is actualized madness. An Escher maze of synapses, neurons and neuroglia" - Maurits Cornelis Escher was a marvelous painter from Holland, check some of his work in this link - http://www.mcescher.com/ ). Even though this issue has two different artists - Roberto de La Torre and Renato Arlem - they're both very good at painting this final battle, though de La Torre's fuzzy and gritty style is better than Arlem's heroic figures. I don't know what will happen from this point on, especially now that Marvel will crossover X-Treme, Astonishing and Age of Apocalypse together, but this title alone prove to be made of stearner stuff!!


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