halfshellhero's After Dark #2 review

Dark is Appropriate

After reading the first issue, I felt like I had an idea of what this book had to offer, but I wanted to wait another issue to pass judgment. So far, the story has been pretty interesting, but the execution is not as good as it could be. A lot of the characters look similar to me and from their dialogue, I can't differentiate them very well. I think it falls on the writer to write distinct and memorable characters, and a couple of the characters so far have blended together. In addition to that, because the book is set in a dark setting a lot of the time, the character's attire isn't visible to the reader, or hard to discern, making it harder to see who is talking.

I think the book is worth a read, but unlike more brainless superhero fare, you as a reader will more than likely have to really pay attention to the characters to understand the dynamic between them and how they fit into the story and the underlying plots. All in all, it is a nice story and departure from superhero comics, but just an average read.


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