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1st Appearance

Otto Fisher (aka Aerialist) made his first (and only?) appearance in the March 1965 issue of Green Lantern #35 (Vol. 2) .

The Aerialist was a one-time foe of Hal Jordan, the second, and most popular, Green Lantern

Years ago, Ferris Aircraft hired a circus troupe to entertain its employees. The clown, Otto Fisher, was madly in love with Elke Hensen, one of the world's greatest high-wire performers. Fisher invented magnetic motors that let him "ride" the magnetic lines surrounding the earth. He planned to show Hensen his creation that night, thinking it would win her love.
Tragedy struck during the performance. Elke Hensen was killed when a bolt of lightning tore through the tent. Fisher wept over his love, he blamed the Ferrises for what had happened and swore revenge against them. Fisher kept his vow. Three years after the accident, he returned as the Aerialist.

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