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Aeolus is depicted in Greek mythology as a namesake grandson of Aeolus, founder of the Aeolian tribe of Greeks. The younger Aeolus settled in the Aeolian islands, located between Sicily and the Italian Peninsula. 
His most notable role in legend is in the "Odyssey" by Homer. Aeolus offers hospitality to Odysseus. He offered his visitor a leather bag with wind forces trapped inside. The item would ensure a safe journey from the Aeolian Islands to Ithaca, provided that Odysseus used it wisely. Indeed, Odysseus had the winds on his side for nine days. Only one more day was needed to reach Ithaca. But then Odysseus fell asleep. His crew decided to open the bag to see if their leader kept treasure there. The released winds transported them back to the Aeolian Islands. This time Aeolus refused to offer any help, considering Odysseus worthy of his fate. 

His lineage would point to Aeolus being human. But in modern fiction, Aeolus himself is featured as a Wind God. In "Red Raven Comics" #1, Aeolus is considered by "Jupiter"/Zuras for the role of protector of humanity. But he is then rejected as "contended bag of wind". 

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