kfhrfdu_89_76k's Adventures of Superman #608 - Ending Battle Part 2 (of 8): Dawn's Early Light review

HOLY-! Lookit all th` panels!!!!

This story has 216 panels. Usually, a story has about 80-120 of them. That`s epic. I love it.

It doesn`t make the story any more difficult to follow. It compresses it, that use to be a common practice from 30`s to 60`s. Best yet, the number of panels doesn`t tire the reader, because of the flow of action of the story, and because of Derek Aucoins (Donovan these days) skills. I wanna see more of it.

Too bad that it loses something representationally. For example, King Shark in Black Canarys costume? Woulda deserved a bigger panel, if you ask me. Plus, it feels crowded. By the end of the story, though, some of the pages have bigger panels.

As for the writing, it`s good, obviously. It`s by Joe Casey, whose Superman-stories I`ve wanted to read for a while now. Too bad that the TPB Ending battle (yeah BTW, this is a part of a bigger story, which is not so good, if you don`t wanna own that bigger story) only has two. Anyhoo, Casey manages to make the story pinpong from slightly humorous to sligthly serious easily, without it feeling uneven. And even if its wordy (due to the size of the panels), the speechbubbles still leave room for the art.

So, the lettering is good too.

So is the coloring. The palet looks like it woulda been taken from a crayon box, it doesn`t block the art, and doesn`t try to be gimmicky.

The issue has a buncha obscure, (by my, and many others opinion, unfortunately) mostly dull supervillains. Each get a few panels. This isn`t something that the fans of the characters like, since they don`t get much space, but it does show that an army of low level super thugs are really trynna make Supes life a lot more difficult.

Bug eyed bandit gets a nice appearance.

So does a character created by Casey himself, Calvin Kale, who criticises superheroes. Yeah, not new, not even then, maybe. But this one is a cool character, especially `cause he doesn`t get too much attention.

Well, long story short. Yes, you should read it.

Posted by Riot_Sqrrl

Love the Nowlan cover. Is the skull in the jar on the cover the Atomic Skull?

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


It does look cool. I actually downloaded it to my image files once, `cause I liked it.

Yup, he is.

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