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"Death Trap!" Facing the disturbing question of whether he's the genuine Man of Steel, Superman is forced to contend with the deadly snares laid down for him by Deathtrap. But in the long run, doubting his own sanity may be an even more lethal trap for Superman.

Superman Triangle 43 of 1994. Emil Hamilton confirms to Superman, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen that the corpse found in Centennial Park is, in fact, a genetic match for Superman. When asked to prove his identity, the living Superman rushes off to deal with some crises that arise. S.T.A.R. Labs contracts Carl Draper to create a prison for Conduit, to prevent his escape. While working on Conduit’s prison, Draper is also challenged to create a prison for Superman. Draper creates the hologram identity of Deathtrap, and “traps” superman within an energy envelope created by a hovering probe. Deathtrap is convinced the “real” Superman could escape. Superman does indeed escape, using a furnace to melt the hovering probe. All the while, Superman’s patience is tested by people second guessing of he is the real Superman.

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