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Under the influence of Amazing Grace, Superman leads an uprising on Apokalips against Darkseid.

Full Plot

continued from Superman vol.2 #3

Below the Fire Pits of Apokolips Graggin fishes slag out of the fire and in disbelief hooks an unconscious Superman. He doesn't know of Superman but he thinks he can get something good for a man who survived the fire pits. He straps the Kryptonian to his rig and takes off toward town. As he trucks through town there is disbelief that his prize was actually pulled from the pits, but the rumour spreads anyway. The news is of interest to Mangal and Amazing Grace. As the crowd gathers Graggin tries to show how Superman survived the fire but putting his hand over a torch. As he does this Superman wakes up screaming “My Hand! My Hand!” The crowd in their disbelief decide that they are going to throw both on them into the fire pits to see if what Graggin says is true and to just see them burn. As the crowd grows in it's blood lust Amazing Grace pushes her way toward Superman and Graggin. She scolds the crowd and refers to Superman as a savior. The crowed is unsure about all this until Amazing Grace tells them that she saw Graggin pull Superman from the flames. This is a lie and both Amazing Grace and Graggin know it. She completely turns the crowd around and they cheer their savior and curse Darkseid.

Darkseid watches the whole thing from his monitor and sends Para-Demons to kill the newly inspired rebels. Superman puts a quick stop to the Para-Demons, and Amazing Grace raises his arm as a champion to the cheers of the mob.

On New Genesis, Highfather goes to the Source to understand the terror he senses. He shares his sense of foreboding with Lightray and Orion.

Back on Apokolips, Amazing Grace meets with Rono, Anglar, and the rest of her men. They are all in a more joyful mood after Superman's feats. She walks into a back room were Superman is bathing. Using her mental abilities, she convinces Superman to give up his uniform and to seek rule over Apokolips. The resistance spreads and they sell pieces of his uniform. People even deface statues of Darkseid. Superman leads the people into battle and they are very successful. After a major victory, Amazing Grace leads them into a corridor, where they are slaughtered in an ambush by Para-Demons. As Superman's warriors are being killed and burned alive, Superman turns to find a very joyous and approving Darkseid.

continued next in Action Comics #586

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