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Cartoon that aired on ABC. The series aired in syndication but out of production order. The orders are as follows:

Episode TitleAir Date OrderProduction Order
Best Hedgehog113
Tails' New Home216
Birth of a Salesman312
Submerged Sonic426
Pseudo Sonic522
Over the Hill Hero617
Lovesick Sonic83
Subterranean Sonic92
Grounder the Genius1023
High Stakes Sonic115
Blank-Headed Eagle1218
Big Daddy1410
The Robotnik Express1514
Momma Robotnik's Birthday169
Slowwww Going174
So Long Sucker1820
Sonic's Rival1936
Trail of the Missing Tails207
Mama Robotnik Returns2132
Too Tall Tails2215
Super Special Sonic Search & Smash Squad231
The Magnificent Sonic2447
Tails in Charge2624
Musta Been a Beautiful Baby2728
Sonic the Matchmaker2838
The Attack on the Pinball Fortress2941
The Last Resort3035
The Coachnik3143
Sonic Gets Thrashed3221
Close Encounters of the Sonic Kind338
Tails Prevails3439
Robotnik, Jr.3529
The Magic Hassle3637
Blackbot the Pirate3748
Hedgehog of the Round Table3849
Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme3950
Prehistoric Sonic4051
Untouchable Sonic4144
Sonic Breakout426
Sonically Ever After4365
The Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops4419
Super Robotnik4545
Mass Transit Trouble4642
Space Sonic4733
Baby Sitter Jitters4952
Full Tilt Tails5030
Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted5162
Road Hog5257
The Mobius 50005355
Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog5453
Sonic's Song5511
Sno Problem5625
Sonic is Running5763
Mad Mike, da Bear Warrior5834
The Little Merhog6056
Fast and Easy6261
Tails' Tail6359
The Robot's Robot6458
Hero of the Year6560

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