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Jean Grey and Scott Summers, displaced to a timeline where Apocalypse rules all! Two millennia into the future, the X-couple must face a new reality without their powers. Their daughter, Rachel Summers, is the Mother Askani. Nathan, their son, has been infected by a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse. With the stakes high and the future dim, will Cyclops and Phoenix be able to withstand the Age of Apocalypse?

During their honeymoon, the minds of Jean and Scott are transported to human host bodies in the Askani future by Rachel, aka Mother Askani. She is now over a hundred years old and the Askani Clan is destroyed. She explains that she brought the two into the future because she can’t raise baby Nathan and overthrow Apocalypse herself. Baby Nathan, however, had been captured by Palidan Ch'Vayre. Jean and Scott manage to wrest the baby from him and escape in a floodwave. 2000 years from everything they know and remember, they have to raise the child and overthrow Apocalypse’s rule.

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Fantastic Beginning 0

This first issue is exactly as it should be: a gigantic intro to an epic series.  Where else are you going to find the minds of Cyclops and Jean Grey in the future with human bodies reunited with an eldery Rachel Summers and baby Nathan Christopher Summers?  The set-up for this series is gold.  The Clan Askani is explained; the rule of Apocalypse is explained; more future history is thrown at you than you ever thought possible.  But it's not overwhelming (well, provided you've read Cable #s 6-9 ...

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A Passionate Couple For All History 0

Ok this book came out after the historic wedding of Scott and Jean. This also at a time where any book with an X or any character associated with the letter X was selling whether good or bad as hot as pancakes from IHOP. The story starts with Jean saving Scott who fell off a ledge. They are shocked to see each other in different bodies.They are thrust 2000 years into the future. They are about to be attacked by Apocalype's Elite force lead by Ch'vayre. Unknown to them Rachel Summers who has aged...

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