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Tally ho! In the dark days of World War II, the sceptered isle of England stood alone against a rising tide of Nazi beastliness. But with the Hun at its door and the sun about to set on old Blighty, who can king and country call upon to put the starch back in its upper lip? Only one team has the goolies for it - The Rifle Brigade! Mad as lords and more violent than a pack of Jack the Rippers, this elite commando team stands ready to do its bit against the Boche - namely, slaughtering them at the drop of a winerschnitzel. And now you can join the fun as Captain Darcy, "Doubtful" Milk, Sergeant Crumb, Corporal Geezer, Hank the Yank and The Piper give Uncle Adolf and his brown-shirted bounders the thrashing they so richly deserve! First, gasp in awe as the Brigade braves the dungeons of the Gestapo and the mighty bosom of a Nazi torturess on a mission so deadly, so crucial, so utterly top secret that even they don't know what they're up to! Then bite your nails to the quick as our plucky chaps valiantly track down a certain vital part of Hitler's anatomy in the Eisner Award-winning "Operation Bollock." With the outcome of the war at stake, can they wrench the Fuhrer's famously-missing gonad from the hands of their oldest enemy? Or is the "Nazi Knacker" destined to become the ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction? Find out here, and give a cheer! Hurrah for the Rifle Brigade!

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