Ice King, Villain?

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Is Ice King really a villain or has he slipped into that weird middle area where King Bowser lives? Not really enemies but not friends either. I mean the Ice King did save Finn and Jake from that Hit-Man who he hired to "hit" them.

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Ice King is a Sociopath. Through his long life filled with loneliness, he has lost touch with compassion and has no understanding of how to really interact with other living things. He is not evil in the sense of a villain but does evil because he no longer understands the difference between right and wrong.

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Thank you. that was very well put.

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Thats what I'm here for.

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Misunderstood sociopathic stalker.

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@wildvine: He's a man obsessed with Princesses causr he called his fiance his princess and When his bcrown crown turned him crazy he became obsessed with princesses I think.

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He's really just sad @wildvine

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What everybody else said. He's a sad, strange little man.

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