Crazy Adventure Time Theory

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First of all, no. This is nothing like the Ed Edd and Eddy theory (which still freaks me the heck out).

There's a theory that the popular show Adventure Time is all just real world Finn's dream.

Which would make sense.

I mean, a young boy fantasizing about magical adventures starring him and his magical talking dog ain't uncommon.

Also, just look at some of the characters!

Ice King

An ice-themed wizard. Sounds like either the imagination of a kid who's afraid of Santa Claus or the imagination of almost any kid. Plus, he kidnaps princesses.

Princess Bubblegum

A princess made out of gum. That's all.

Candy People

People made out of candy. That's all.

Plus, the episodes Incendium and Go With Me could just be the over-exaggerated escapades of a little boy who recently just got into the dating business.

And don't get me started on Reign of Gunthers!

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These sorts of theories that kids shows aren't what they seem are only interesting when there's logic involved (although I mean crazy logic), suggesting it was just a dream can be done with absolutely anything, unless there are specific things that indicate this (other than, these things aren't possible in the real world), it's not really a theory.

It seems pretty clear that it's just the future and it all makes sense in that context.

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Getting punched in the face by bloodthirsty silverback>>>>>>thinking about the Ed, Edd, and Eddy theory

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@KnightRise said:

Getting punched in the face by bloodthirsty silverback>>>>>>thinking about the Ed, Edd, and Eddy theory


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The "IT'S ALL A DREAM" theory is so tired.

It's far more f**ked up and fun to realize that Finn is a mutant-humanoid living in a post apocalyptic paradise.

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I can't help but wonder how probable that "Finn's dream world" theory could be... There's some elements in that universe that sometimes he doesn't pick up on, that other characters can understand. Peppermint Butler for example, he's clearly been foreshadowing something terrible for the longest time, yet Finn doesn't notice. Same with Marceline's relationship with her father, and Ice King's origin. Some things can completely go over his head at times.

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