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Tim, but also known as Adventure Tim, is a normal human boy, who has a sentient pet video game robot known as ALN, and he also spends a lot of time saving and rescuing princesses such as Princess Chewypaste and Irregular Topography Expanse Princess from the evil Mice King. He otherwise fights for justice against evildoers. He also has a tendency to say topological when things are mathematical or rad. One day he visited by Finn and Jake and the three talk about their respective lives, realizing certain similarities. Then they have a team up to defeat the Mice King. They depart from each other on friendly terms.


Adventure Tim first appears in Boom! Studios comic adaptation of the Adventure Time animated series. He is an original character who first appears in Adventure Time #5 written by Ryan North, Chris Roberson and Paul Pope. Adventure Tim is pretty much main characters Finn and Jake combined into one character with visual and personality traits of both starring characters. Likewise his goals motivations friends and enemies are similar but slightly different.

Powers and Abilities

Similar to those of Finn, Adventure Tim also wields a golden battle sword.

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