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A Drama in Dreams, script and pencils by Jack Kirby; Threatening to kill Sandy, Wesley Dodds is kidnapped and forced to sign papers turning over the rights to his gold mine stock and fortune.

"Starman's Lucky Star!"

A young boy, Ray Talbot, corrects Professor Leland Brown, regarding the discovery of a new star. Brown is so impressed with Talbot's astronomical knowledge that he places the boy on a quiz show. Moronic thugs take the advice of an astrologer to embark on a kidnapping scheme. Talbot wins the quiz show. Talbot is awarded a new foster home, and a telescope. Talbot, however, is blind, and cannot actually see the stars he loves so much. The Starman visits Talbot. The Starman is astonished when Talbot reveals a weakness, to ultraviolet light, in the Starman's gravity rod. Thugs kidnap Talbot, mistaking him for his foster brother, the wealthy Rufus Cord.

To protect Cord, Talbot plays into the thug's misconception. Cord begs his father to rescue Talbot. The Starman joins the investigation. Talbot finds a sunlamp, and uses it to send a signal, in morse code, to the Starman. The Starman locates Talbot. A thug bursts into the room, and fires on the Starman, hitting Talbot instead. Furious that the thug would shoot a blind child, the Starman beats the man to within an inch of his life, before going after the second kidnapper. Miraculously, the gunshot only grazed Talbot, while also restoring his eyesight. The astrologer is placed in the same cell as the kidnapper, much to the thug's delight.

The Enigma of the Nonagenarian Natator starring Genius Jones, script by Alfred Bester, art by Stan Kaye. The Adventure of the Queen's Jades starring The Shining Knight, art by Louis Cazeneuve. The Case of the Crying Cat starring Manhunter, art by Pierce Rice. Time Out For Hitler starring Hourman and Thorndyke, art by Bernard Baily.

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