shaunw1973's Adventure Comics #9 - Namesake; Unify; Awake, Part 2 of 3 review

I paid for this?

I actually paid for this comic? It should have been free, and even then it would still get 0.5/5.
This is the kind of comic I hate, a cross over. I don't want to read storys that are 'to be continued in.....'. There are several different stories on this book, and they're all continued on other books I don't, and won't buy. 
Why can't publishers make event books, and just stick to them? Keep Blackest Night in Blackest Night, keep Last Stand of New Krypton in Last Stand of New Krypton. It's bad for people wanting to follow the entire story as they have to buy umpteen books they never normally would, and it's bad for people that buy the same books every month as the regular stories are interupted and if they want to know how the story ends, they too have to buy umpteen books they normally wouldn't. Great for publishers raking money in, but not for comic fans on budgets in a poor economy. 

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