g_man's Adventure Comics #8 - Last Stand of New Krypton Prologue, Part One: The Future Is Prologue; Last Stand of New Krypton Prologue, Part Two: The Future is Now; Awake, Part 1 review

Things Are Changing Here

We are now entering the next era for Adventure Comics. Last Stand Of New Krypton is here. We're finally going to see more on the Legion Of Superheroes from those seeds that were planted a few issues ago. I've said it a few times before, I'm not the biggest fan of the Legion but I am curious to see what Sterling Gates, James Robinson and the others will do here.

The Good:

 I have to say, I actually enjoyed the Legion story. I've read some Legion stories in the past but I really liked how this started out with a young Brainiac-5. The Legion are in heavy action as we see the beginning of Last Stand of New Krypton. Next we get a story with Superboy and find out how he and Mon-El get involved. 

The Bad:

Just when I started getting into the Legion story, it ended. This wasn't too bad since we had a Superboy story. Before that could get going, we had a story with the Kryptonian, Car-Vex. I understand that the series is shipping twice this month and things are getting set up for Last Stand but the stories felt too brief. Two stories is fine but three just felt like too much.

The Verdict:

Sterling Gates and James Robinson have really made me think about liking the Legion now. Maybe I never really gave them a chance before. I am looking forward to this arc and seeing the battle with Brainiac. While I would have preferred longer stories and didn't really care for the final story, I would recommend people pick this up to see what craziness Superman and co. are about to face.
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