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What Did Black Lantern Superboy Do? Provide a strong tie-in.

     Easily, the most disappointing thing about Adventure Comics #7 is that there's no Francis Manapul on art duties. If you're like me then you'll sigh, remember his beautiful art, and long for Manapul. That's not a slight on Travis Moore or anyone else who inked and colored the art, but Manapul is one of the best artists out there. The art is good, but it's only natural that I'm going to compare it with who just worked on the book.
     As for the story, well, it's an effective tie-in. It takes place before Blackest Night #6 then the action takes us away from Coast City and will, theoretically, tie back to the final issue of the series. At the same time, this issue doesn't forget the theme of the Conner Kent issues which has been Conner comparing his actions with Superman's. This storyline is secondary to what we get here which is how Conner deals with the black power ring.
     We've seen Diana deal with hers (Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2), and Conner gets his turn in the spotlight. I don't want to spoil the book, as I don't see that as being a review's purpose, but the way Conner handles the black ring makes sense. It's extremely logical and well-paced. Of course, I'm left with questions about the other undead Black Lanterns, but there's still time to see those addressed.
     As I've said before, this is a well-done tie-in. It's not 100% necessary, but it is relevant. It's also a great story if you know nothing about Conner Kent because you do get a refresher at the beginning which was written well-enough to not bog the story down, but enhance how Conner is feeling right now. It's not a can't miss issue, but it's definitely a good read. The only negative is the loss of Manapul's great art, and some people won't even care about that.    

Posted by W@de Wilson

I expected to hate this book.  I loved Johns' and Manpul's run, except for the issue that lacked Manapul.  Those weird interim Superboy Prime stories were unbelievably awful.  But I actually enjoyed this.  Yes he's no Manapul, no one is, but the creative team here was pretty good. 
Definitely worth a read

Posted by lostlantern13

@W@de Wilson:
That's something that I didn't mention in my review, but, like you, I wasn't really expecting much from this story. It was an enjoyable read especially if you like Conner or Blackest Night.  

Posted by SilverZeo

No BL Tana Moon?

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