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The Blaze of Doom!, script by Alfred Bester, pencils by Jack Burnley, inks by Jack Burnley and Ray Burnley [backgrounds]; Starman reacts to the threat of mysterious forest fires in order to save a group of rangers trapped by the flames, and discovers a plot by disgruntled lumberjacks to hurt the nation's defense contracts that need the lumber. Movie-Making Menace starring The Shining Knight, script by Henry Lynne Perkins, art by Creig Flessel. Death at the Opera starring The Hourman, art by Bernard Baily. Tyrant of the Island of Tago-Tago starring Steve Conrad, Adventurer, script and art by Jack Lehti. The Spanish Banker starring Paul Kirk, Manhunter, script and art by Ed Moore. Crime on Ice starring The Sandman, art by Paul Norris. Half-page ad for All Star Comics # 7, Green Lantern # 1, World's Finest # 3, and All-Flash Quarterly # 2.

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