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Farewell Adventure!!

The most dynamic duo of Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul bid their farewells to Adventure Comics in this tear bringing conclusion. Issue #6 of this magical series is the conclusion to the 4 & 1/2 part storyline. 
Lex Luthor wants Superboy to kill/ let him kill Superman. Superboy snickers when Lex begins his speech about how he could have cured cancer if Superman weren't alive and tells Lex that his OWN sister is infirm! Lex says he can cure her if it were only that Superman was dead and Superboy tells him Superman is off the planet so he should stop goofing around and proove he can do something good for once in his life. Lex cures his sisters illness and makes her walk again... until he doesn't. 
I personnally wanted to cry when I heard Superboy say: "You can't be that evil!"  and Lori goes to cry in her moms legs. 
Finally, Superboy says he doesn't need to keep an agenda to know who he is, and throws it in the fire. The last sentence he mentionned in the book was: 
"What did Superman do?  
15) He was Superboy." 
And then, we're back with Lex and Brainiac...


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