harleyquinn12's Adventure Comics #6 - The Boy Of Steel, Part Five review

Great Ending to a great Arc!

Sadly(sob) Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul will be leaving Adventure Comics But as Duela Dent said in Titans Tomorrow "If you're gonna go out,go out with a bang" Their last issue was specacular!!! After we find out that Superboy's girlfirend,Lori is Luhthor's niece,Lex sends Superboy on a wild ghoose chase to find an antidote to cure Lori's mom from her disability to walk He finally cures his sister(Lori's mom) and he takes it away.She dosen't die but is senn in some kind of ER. Then Superboy and Luthor fight. Finally Brainiac comes into play and he enters the fight.(And Krypto's in it! too) After Superboy and Krypto beat both of them,they meet up with Red Robin,Kid Flash,and Wonder Girl around a campfire.which was really cool cause it the whole team of Titans from Johns's era,wehich was one of the best in my opinion. Connor throws his "What did Lex Luthor do?" journal into the fire,as he checkes off his last statement in his Superman journal "Was Superboy" 
Writing-Best writing in the series!  Almost as good as his Teen Titnas work!
Art-Manapul definetley went out with a bang! The last panal was so beautifu!  
Hopefully,there will be guest writers and artists,I just hope it would be these two! 
Get this issue!!!
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