dark_noldor's Adventure Comics #524 - First Night, Part Two review

Coming Home

The idea of a school for teaching super heroes how to train and master their powers is old and reliable, and Paul Levitz really gives it an edge by boosting this plot with turmoil feellings and personalities - in every decent story of students, there´re the ones that just made their minds to enjoy the ride and never obey the authority and that´s what this arc story is about: a group of students in the Legion Academy that after a bad night out, decides to go to another planet -against the advice of their tutors - in order to discover what´s the problem with one of the student´s father (talking about the Chemical Kid) - I really like the dynamics and the motion of this issue, Jimenes has a great notion of storytelling and he does excellent scenes playing with movement - the dialogues and the story aren´t bad either, though there´s something missing in the characters emotions, like a gap, because in one moment they´re scared and angry and in the other page they´re all chatty and relaxed - also some of the transitions of scenes aren´t done as smoothly as it could, especially the ones that go after the adds. Overall this is a good story, recommended only for Jimenes´fans, since I don´t think these characters represent such a big deal in the DC Universe, though it´s cool seeing different faces every other issue.
3.5 out 5

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