dark_noldor's Adventure Comics #522 - Consequences review

A new Green Lantern

I guess it´s very good (and unusual these days) to pick up a comic book that holds in itself a story with a beggining and an end, in other words, I really liked this issue because Paul Levitz created a plot (sure it has consequences and links with other issues) pretty much self contained, allowing me, that haven´t read Legion for a whole eternity almost, like centuries ago (last time it was with Olivier Coipel in pencils - funny that DC is printing a DC presents and a HC showing this period of Legion Lost, great arc, both in April) and it was very fun reading this book. I first bought this issue because of Geraldo Borges - I´ve never have seen any of his job, mostly because he´s a solid DC guy, so I give it a shot - and his art is very good (reminded me of George Perez, Phil Jimenes) with interesting action scenes. This issue had great dialogues too and I´m thinking about buying it regularly, mostly because of Phil Jimenes who´s becoming a regular in next issue.
3.5 out 5


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    Lar Gand of Damax you have been found worthy by the power ring of Oa Adventure Comics #522  to become the Green Lantern of sector 2814. If you can’t make heads or tails of this then it’s possible that you missed out on last months issue of Adventure Comics where Dyogene quest for a new Green Lantern came to a conclusion with Mon-El (Lar Gand) accepting the charge and starting a new chapter in the 31 century Green Lantern Corps story, but will Mon-El be able to restart the Corps? Let’s find out....

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