herx's Adventure Comics #521 - The Summons of the Ring; Nucleus, Part 6: Weapons of Mass Reduction review

They can redecorate it later.

So then boys and girls, I hope youv'e all been paying some close attention to your continuity alarms, otherwise this is going to be a little ( understatment ) bit dificult. So in the last issue of Adventure comics ( #520 ) we saw the end of the "early legion tales" run with the extension of the death of lightning lad story told back in the early 60's. This issue takes place in the currnet Legion of Super-heroes time line, and run's paralel to the other legion title, with the beginning of this issue taking place right after the ending to "legion of super-heroes #7" first story. So if your not already confused lets soldier on. 
<note: as per usual, i will not be reviewing the atom second feature due to my lack of knowledge on the character. sorry atom fans :( > 
So picking up on where LOSH#7 (story 1) ended Dyogene has appeared on earth before Shadowlass and Earth-Man to recrute a new green lantern ( his third attempt ). Earth-man, who was dyogene's first choice ( as shown in LOSH#1 ), argues that he already turned down the possition, throwing the ring away. Dyogene states how he's already failed twice in recruting a new green lantern and states that he won't fail a third time, at which point he enters the legion headquaters with shadow lass and Earth-man chasing after him. Meanwhile 6 Legionners are sent to to african continent where a quacke has taken out power over 1/3 of the continent. Invisible Kid, Sun-boy, Element Lad and Tellus are in one of the cities trying to save as many lives as they can untill the science police send enough reinforcemts to take care of the crisis. At the same time Dawnstar and Wildfire who are trying to contain the animals who've esscaped from the animal preserve discover the source where all of this calamity started from and investigate. Back at legion HQ Cosmicboy allows Dyogene to scan the legionneres ( who he can assemble at the time ) to see if their worthy to be the new green lantern............ If your curious as to who ( if any ) is the new green lantern pick up adventure comics #521.  
When it comes to the Legion of Super-heroes you can't go wrong with Paul Levitz. He's writen ( sccording to his vine stie ) at least 153 titles involving the legion with 7 of thoes being his adventure comics run, and the other 7 being the current legion of super-heroes run. He knows what he's doing ( and probably has a legion flight ring to prove it as well as a time bubble ). Wring a book about a team of super-heroes isn't easy, as the focus of the series must be done to a certain extent. Some issues we'll have more focus on some characters than others, but without ignoring the others, and other issues will focus on the ones who wernt docused on last time. Now this is esspecialy true with the legion of super-heroes and it vastly huge roster of heroes, but as Levits had proved time and time again with this title he's got the balance of characters right. Plotwise this issue is a good'un. Since legion of 3 worlds us legion fans have been expecting the return of the green lantern core in the 31st century, and in the current Legion solo title it's been one of the main plots with Dyogene finding recrutes. This issue ends and beginns that story with Dyogene compleating his initial mission which we've been waiting many issues for, and going onto the next. The artwork is fantastic in this issue and is realy hard to distinguish between the artwork for the other legion title, so i must say congradulations to Borges and Alquiza for the art. If their's any complaint about this issue it's that it's short, but once again i must remind you that the issue has a second feature.  
In conclusion i gave Adventure comics a 4/5. For fans of the legion of super-heroes i'd say that it's a solid buy, esspecialy if you've been enjoying the green lantern plot of the other legion issues. Now for new readers i must rais hazzard signs and warning signs. This is not an easy read to get into..... no legion title is. I also throw this warning out to people who've been reading the adventure comics tales of the legion only, and not the main legion title, and green lantern fans who'd pick this up due to the big green lantern crest on the cover. This issue is linked to the other, main legion of super-hero title which has been going on for 7 issues when this issue's come out. The green lantern plot has been going on for more than thoes 7 issues, going back to previos legion issues with this version of the team. To thoes unaware of the title and it's complexity it'll be intimidating. To the previous adventure comic fans this is an older legion to the one in previous issues who now live in a far more complex world. If you'r going to pick up this issue anyway i'd advice that you try and pick up some LOSH back issues to try and understand the plot. So, final verdict  


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