redryan's Adventure Comics #517 - Saturn Rising; Nucleus, Part 2: Atom Strange review

Stories From Way Back in the Future

If you're reading Legion of Super-Heroes you can probably add another point to the score and if you're a new Legion fan then you really don' want to miss this as it's the best place to see the characters in the early years when they had belts instead of flight rings and there wasn't a huge roster of characters to call on.The concentration here is on Cosmic Boy,Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad,as the title of the issue suggessts Imra takes the spotlight  here as she sets out to prove she can pull her weight on the team even though her powers are less physical in nature than the others. 
The opening part of the story has a real Silver Age feel to it,the corny banter between the team members, the girl having to prove her worth all feels like something from another era but Levitz surprises later as the story takes a darker turn and he throws a little sex and death into the mix.Even Saturn Girl uses her powers in a dubious way to remove a memory from someone that she'd rather they didn't have. 
The second feature is one of the strongest I've seen in any book.The Atom is attempting to unravel the mystery behind who put his father in the hospital and stole tech from his lab.Jeff Lemire really captures the character of Ray Palmer and the art by Mahmud Asrar is excellent.If you're a big Atom fan then these eleven pages are probably reason enough to pick this up. 
Adventure Comics at present does feel like a supplement to the main LOSH title and if you aren't buying that I can't see(Atom aside)why you would buy this.The art by Kevin Sharpe and Marlo Alquiza does a good enough job but it's not a reason to buy and even though it's great to see Paul Levitz back where he belongs I'd like to see this title used to highlight lesser seen characters rather than those who get plenty of face time in the main book.
Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

Nice work man. I might check this book out if only for the nostalgia of the Silver Age

Posted by RedRyan

If you want nostalgia check out Supermans book,he's mad for it. 

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