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Cover by Creig Flessel.

  1. "The Wax-Double Killers" (The Hourman) written by Ken Fitch, penciled and inked by Bernard Baily. A crazed scientist has invented an artificial heart and plastick skin, which he uses to bring wax figures of three criminals to life to rob and kill.
  2. "The Thought Machine of Fang Gow" (Barry O'Neill) written, penciled and inked by Ed Winiarski.
  3. "The Return of Singapore Sal" (Steve Conrad, Adventurer) written, penciled and inked by Jack Lehti.

The Pawn Broker

Searching a crook for the Van Leew emeralds, the Sandman, instead, finds a pawn ticket. Returning home, the Sandman, as Wesley Dodds, keeps his dinner date, with Dian Belmont. Dodds, and Belmont, travel to Fencet's, to claim the pawn ticket. While Belmont waits in the car, Dodds, as the Sandman, surreptitiously cracks the pawnbroker's safe. The Van Leew emeralds, however, are not there. Hearing the noise, Fencet heads in to investigate, only to be stopped by Flip Benson, and a goon.

Benson violently interrogates Fencet, regarding the whereabouts of the emeralds. Fencet swears he doesn't know. The Sandman intervenes, quickly subduing Benson, and the thug. The Sandman interrogates Fencet, who reveals that Mad Maddon stashed the emeralds in Dodds' safe. The Sandman recovers the emeralds, then sprinkles sand at the scene, to alert the police that the Sandman robbed Dodds. The Sandman, as Dodds, and Belmont, finally go to dinner. Returning home, Dodds finds the police waiting for him.

Maddon's dead body has been found, beneath the open safe. The Sandman is accused not just of a theft, but, now, a murder, as well. Dodds, as the Sandman, journeys out to Benson's yacht. Benson is, once again, torturing Fencet, to find the emeralds. The Sandman intervenes, only to be ambushed, and thrown overboard. The icy water instantly revives the Sandman. Climbing back on board, the Sandman gasses the crooks. After returning the emeralds, sprinkled with his calling card, sand, the Sandman returns home.

  1. "The Phony Trucking Business" (Socko Strong) written by Albert Sulman, art by Joseph Sulman.
  2. "The Nastonian Agent" (Federal Men) written by Jerry Siegel, penciled and inked by Chad Grothkopf.
  3. "At Grips with the Wolf Men" (Cotton Carver) written by Gardner F. Fox, penciled and inked by Jack Lehti.

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