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Only Partially Sucked

So i started to lightly skim through the story so that i could throw the pair in the fireplace and pretend that they never existed when something happened. It got interesting. Suckerboy Prime realizing he is not going to win and pretty pissed about it, (that's what he does, he throws tantrums) finds a way to throw in the towel on the fight that completely backfires on the black lanterns. Holy crap. Very nice. So the black lanterns leave a powered-up Superboy "placated" on earth prime.  
As i turned the last page, disheartened and began to read the legion filler they usually shove in the back, i suddenly was reading the real superboy feature at the back of the book. He has another encounter with the mysterious blond "Lori". He tries to decide to play legal-eagle and take her in for vandalism or do what any stupid teenage boy would do and try and help her by talking her out of her violent attacks of vandalism against this small town doctor. Superboy goes to the run-down house where she lives with her "Mother" and after deflecting another pass there's a knock on the door. Who could it be. lead paint on the door? curious. The answer made me shout and laugh so loud that my wife came in to see if i was alright.
i give it a full 4 out of 5. 
it wasn't perfect, but it was better than i expected in a lot of ways.
instead of the zombies interrupting my book and being emo... Superboy prime was... but then he was totally out of control.

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