grim's Adventure Comics #5 - He Primed Me, Part 2: Flame War review

Funny aint enough...

Ok, if your reading anything with Superboy Prime in it (he aint superman prime and im not calling him that),  your obviously ok with his whiney-boy attitude.  
 Part one of this BN tie in had him powerless and back in his own world, where clark Prime read in a comic book that the Black Lanterns where coming for him (Prime's earth is supposed to be our earth, so DC is actually comics that he reads rather angrily as he hates all of DC's characters).  
 When Black Lantern Alexander Luthor shows up, he restores Prime's powers (idk why exactly either, but lets go with it) and then proceeds to attack Clark in standard Black Lantern style, along with half the dead cast of Infinite Crisis. 
  This Tie in has been kinda fun to read because like Prime himself, His life on our Earth id pretty pathetic. Everyone he knows has been reading about his evil ways in the DC comics, and as a result... nobody likes him (SHOCKER, i know!). 
 you can also catch BL Prime storming the DC offices and terrorizing the DC staff with a dozen or so black lanterns in tow. (take that Stan Lee! your not the only one who can make a shameless appearance in his companies comics!). 
 but all in all, the felt like a forced story. As i said, i'm not sure why The BL restored Prime's powers, or exactly why they decided they needed to cross the bleed to get to him in the first place. The plaot here is just kinda silly... much like Prime. 
 But it was really fun to see the Who's Who of DC comics fleeing from the revenge of Superboy Prime, and there is an interesting little twist at the end that may or may not tie in to the actual Blackest Night Story. 
 I was gonna give this one a 3, but i convinced myself at the end there to give it an extra half. Not a complete waist of time (and that alternate Cover was sexy), just dumb. 
Actually, i'll give this one a 4. Soley because of the cool Superboy story at the end. at some point i expected Superboy to actually do something about the vandalism, but all in all it was still good. 
4 OUTA 5

Posted by SilverZeo

The LoSH said in the last issue that Prime was under house arrest, his parents seem to fear him, and it seemed to implied that he killed his girlfriend. So was his superpower really gone or not?

Posted by Grim
well he didnt know his girlfriend was dead in this issue, so i dont think he killed her. and i think people where just afraid of him because they read about all the killing he did.
Edited by Timm
@Grim: he knew. He was crying about it before when he was eyeballing her picture and then when she came back she said, "They sent me to tell you...". its a plot hole. that's all. a big fat stinking plot hole.
Posted by Grim
well the thing is when he first came back she left him. so maybe him looking at her picture was just him wishing she hadnt left. 
 i actually dont know what she meant at the end though. I thought i missed someting. do you kow whats she was talking about?
Posted by Primmaster64
@Grim: The writters?

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