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"The Outrage"

Though forced into leading an attack on New Venice by the Olympian God Poseidon, Aquaman is, nonetheless, held accountable by the public. With his wife Mera missing, Aquaman reaches out to Mayor Lyndon for assistance. The mayor, however, is not particularly accommodating, due to Aquaman's failure to rescue the mayor's brother, Senator John Lyndon. Aquaman storms out of the mayor's office. On the street he snaps at a passerby, until he realizes that it is only a little girl. One looking for his help. The girl is Cal Durham's cousin. Durham was one of the Black Manta's men, working for Aquaman's nemesis when the Black Manta killed Aquaman's son. Though the very mention of Durham's name dredges up terrible memories for the Sea King, Aquaman follows the girl to meet with Durham. Upon his release from prison, Durham, returned to the old Black Manta base to exorcise his personal demons. Though he was expecting to find ruins, to Durham's surprise, the installation was back up and running. Aquaman accompanies Durham to the site for further investigation. Almost immediately the two are attacked by a giant squid, one that doesn't respond to Aquaman's telepathic commands. By the time Aquaman realizes the squid is one of the Black Manta's robotic drones it explodes. The two men awaken in a holding cell, watched over by the Black Manta. Aquaman's old enemy has amassed an army from the very dregs of surface society, and with it he plans to invade Atlantis. To make matters worse, purely out of spite, the Black Manta has missile launchers aimed at Aquaman's current home, New Venice, set to fire on the city in five minutes. Meanwhile, in Aquaman's underwater base beneath New Venice, Mera mysteriously reappears, crying out for her husband.

The Search For Mn'Torr!

Having buried his enemy, Lord Protector Oswin, Starman sets off in search of his friend, Mn'Torr. Starman journeys to the Temple Of The Center Of The All, to begin his search. Starman is met in the entry hall by a crystalline canine that warns him of the trials ahead. As if on cue, the hallway explodes into crystal shards, which then assail Starman from all sides. Starman escapes the barrage by exiting into another chamber only to face a new threat. Back at Starman's asteroid headquarters, Jediah Rikane and Lady Merria task themselves with shutting down the facility until Starman's return. Bathed in the radiation of a miniature star, Starman fights back and in doing so, passes the final test. A gateway is opened to Mn'Torr's home planet. Starman finds Mn"Torr imprisoned in a crystal case. In saving Starman's life, upon their first meeting, Mn"Torr broke his 1,000 year vow of meditation. Branded a traitor by his own people, Mn"Torr had been brought back to his home world for judgement. To Starman's dismay, Mn"Torr intends to abide by his people's sentence, and willingly end his life on the following day.

On assignment for the National Bureau of Investigation, Plastic Man and Woozy Winks journey to Playa Del Condo, California. On the street, Plastic Man answers a cry for help, from one Cash Kwickly, a local concert promoter. Minutes ago, a roller skating robber kidnapped Kwickly's latest act, "Surefoot", the skateboarding chimpanzee. Plastic Man heads off in pursuit of the the kidnapper. Heading her off on the street, Plastic Man stops her escape. She kicks at Plastic Man with boot spikes, before racing off in another direction. Plastic Man stretches out beneath her and flips her to the ground, but hidden springs in her protective gear put her back on her feet. A jet of quick drying polymer is released from her belt, adhering Plastic Man's feet to the street. Using the same polymer, the kidnapper fashions an escape ramp, and roller skates away. Recognizing the kidnapper's face, Plastic Man enters a record store to confirm his suspicions regarding her identity. Sure enough, she is revealed to be the punk rock singer "Harriet Hobnail", whose real name is Roxanne Roller. Plastic Man and Woozy Winks stake out the "Dance Disease" studio, as Plastic Man overheard Roller's threats regarding the show's guest hosts, Rod Sewage, Rupert Hoax, and Morrie Banalo. Using the chimpanzee, Roller plants explosives in the studio dance floor's mirror ball. When Plastic Man notices that the mirror ball has stopped spinning, he discovers the bomb. With Winks leading the evacuation, Plastic Man jettisons the mirror ball from the studio. While Winks collars the chimpanzee, Plastic Man goes after Roller. Relieving her of her utility belt, Plastic Man is able to easily subdue her, and turn her over to the proper authorities.

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