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This issue of Adventure Comics has two stories. The first is You too can be a Super-hero! This is a This issue of Adventure Comics has two stories. The first is You too can be a Super-hero! This is a Superboy story with a surprise guest. The second story is Aqualad--Who is Thy Father? This is obviously a Aqualad story.

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Superboy saves a young girl from drowning near a the Camp Smallville campsite. After he saves her he shows off for the other campers and then drops the young girl off at the campsite. Her brother chews her out for swimming too far out. On this note Superboy takes off. Later, Superboy arrives at the Kent's General Store he changes and helps his parents stock the shelf before he takes off for Camp Smallville.

Back at camp the young girl who was saved by Superboy is being grounded by her older brother Anthony. When the young Clark Kent arrives at the campsite he inadvertently gives the little girl superpowers. Clark has a magical crystal in his cape. He keeps his cape under his clothes and the crystal that he kept in his cape for sake-keeping responds to the thought waves of the little girl and gives her the same powers as Superboy. Clark meets up with Anthony, Pete and Lana and make plans to take the kids to Haunted Falls in hopes of scaring the kids. Anthony goes back to the cabin were Barbara is reading a book. He tells her were they are going and despite her protests she is going with them.

That night Lana tells the kids the story of Haunted Falls. Pete and Clark dress up as ghost and jump out to scare the kids. Barbara transforms into Mighty Girl and slugs Clark hard enough to have killed him had he been of normal human decent. While out of site Clark changes into Superboy and tries to stop Mighty Girl from killing Pete. The kids run away and accidentally knock the campfire into some brush causing a flash fire. Mighty Girl tries to blow the forest fire out to save everyone but she only fans the flames and makes the fire worse. Superboy does a cannonball into the lake an puts out the flames with the waves. Wonder Girl gets mad and feels Superboy has shown her up. She then attacks Superboy who realizes the crystal is the source of her powers and hurls it into space. The crystal goes directly in the sun. This ends the Mighty Girl's powers. Superboy then explains that being a superhero is not easy and she will need to get older before she can really be a hero. It is at this time that it is reveled to the reader that the little girl is Barbara Gordon. Who will become Batgirl.

The story starts out with Aqualad breaking into the council of his people. He feels Thoran, Sett and the rest of his people are keeping his heritage a secret and he wants to know why. The council manage to get Aqualad to leave but nothing gets resolved. As he leaves Aqualad thinks about the resent past. He remembers his run in with Mcaan and his and Aquaman's run in with Black Manta. Aqualad waits to his people are asleep and breaks into the Hall of Records but is surprised to see the Council waiting for him. They tell Aqualad that they will not fight but he will have to go through them if he wants to get the records. Aqualad leaves again but he is not going to drop it. Things look ominous for everyone.

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