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The Pirate Who Plundered Atlantis

Aquaman is holding court, at the royal palace, when the proceeding are disrupted by an armed buccaneer. Aquaman quickly subdues the pirate. On a monitor screen, in the palace, the image of Captain Demo appears. Demo demands that Aquaman surrender Atlantis to Demo, as a haven for criminals, or see the city destroyed. Aquaman races from the throne room, to engage Demo's ship, outside the Atlantean dome. Telepathically calling the surrounding marine life to arms, Aquaman attacks the pirate ship. Octopi remove the pirates manning the laser cannons. Swordfish duel the blade wielding buccaneers. Aquaman deals with Captain Demo personally. Demo fires a weapon that opens an air pocket around the Sea King, apparently forgetting that Aquaman is amphibious. Aquaman isn't slowed down for a second. Reaching for the metal hook, worn on his right arm, however, does give Aquaman pause. In short order, Captain Demo becomes the ruler of Atlantis. His first demand is that the citizens of Atlantis pay him tribute, by offering up all their valuables. Aquaman is branded a traitor for turning the rule of Atlantis over to the pirate captain. From the royal palace, Queen Mera and Vulko, her chief advisor, watch as Atlantean citizens cast stones at their former King. Sealing the royal palace beneath a dome of hard water, Queen Mera makes ready to mount her own attack on the ruthless Captain Demo.

Mera's assault on Captain Demo's stronghold goes off without a hitch. She easily defeats his pirate guards, and just as quickly, has Captain Demo himself in hard water chains. Waving his metal hook about, Demo begins to bellow a threat, when Aquaman swims into the audience chambers. To her astonishment, Aquaman attacks Mera. Demo's cackling laughter follows the former King, as Aquaman carries Mera's unconscious form away. The citizens of Atlantis line up outside the audience chamber to pay their tribute to Captain Demo. First in line is Aquaman. The former monarch offers Captain Demo an immense oyster. Demo tries to pry the oyster shell open with his hook, seeking the, no doubt, enormous pearl within the shell. As soon as Demo pries the shell open, Aquaman telepathically orders the oyster to slam shut around Demo's hook. Demo activates the radio detonator in his hook, to activate the bombs he's hidden about Atlantis. Nothing happens. Within the oyster shell, Aquaman has placed a signal jammer. With Demo's threat to Atlantis neutralized, Aquaman no longer feels the need to hold back. With his marine life allies taking out Demo's buccaneers, Aquaman lays into the pirate captain. Aquaman tears the hook from Demo's grasp. Demo unsheathes his laser sword, but a swordfish quickly disarms him, as Aquaman beats him down. Aquaman turns his attention to Demo's pirates, ordering hammerhead sharks to pummel them into unconsciousness, while they're being held tightly in the tentacled grasp of octopi. In the time it takes Aquaman to put down Demo's guards, buccaneers, still onboard Demo's ship, have mounted a rescue. With Demo back onboard, the ship sets sail away from Atlantis. Aquaman opts not to pursue, reasoning that he hasn't seen the last of Captain Demo.

Dead End Animals

The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy have been wished away into the Land of Magic. Investigating a nearby commotion, the patriotic partners run headlong into a gangland rumble. The gang, however, consists of a group of leather jacket wearing taking animals. At the sudden intrusion, the animals stop rumbling with each other, and turn to take on the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, together. At first, the duo are holding their own. However, when Stripesy hurls a chair at the animal gang, it inexplicably boomerangs back on him, knocking him unconscious. The animal gang quickly subdues the Star-Spangled Kid, and ties him to that same chair, with Stripesy. A tough talking rodent is left behind to watch over the pair, as the animal gang heads out to play ball. The Star-Spangled Kid convinces the rat that he was left behind on purpose, so that the cats could carry out a plot against him. Incensed, the rodent leaves to confront the felines. A talking lion, ostensibly in charge of the animal delinquents, unties the two heroes. No sooner have they stood up, then the chair runs away. Mr. Leo, the talking lion, explains that everything is alive in the Land of Magic. This gives the Star-Spangled Kid an idea. Planting matches and a torch in the pouch of the kangaroo gang member, the Star-Spangled Kid then sets fire to the gang's clubhouse. The furniture comes racing out of the building. Discovering the torch and the matches on the kangaroo, the furniture beats the tar out of the animal delinquents. With the furniture holding the animal gang to the straight and narrow, a grateful Mr. Leo thanks the Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, for their help in reforming the "boys". The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy ride off into the sunset on whale back, hopefully, heading home.

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