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The Human Bombs and... The Spectre

In a department store, contemplating the purchase of a new television set, Lt. Jim Corrigan overhears a news story, regarding the kidnapping of his girlfriend, Gwen Sterling. At the police precinct, Corrigan asks to be assigned to the case. Sterling is taken to an abandoned bauxite mine, in upstate New York. There, her kidnappers turn her over to a wild-haired scientist, who is already holding a half dozen others prisoner. The kidnappers, having fulfilled their assignment, request payment, for their criminal acts. The scientist leads them to his latest experiment, a large stroboscopic "Hypno-Wheel". Entrancing the kidnappers, the scientist instructs them to walk over to a large, salt water fish tank. The kidnappers are told to jump into the tank, where they are torn to pieces by several large barracuda. The scientist then sets about hypnotizing his seven kidnap victims. The next day, Mr. Vanderhaven, one of the abductees, walks into a local bank, with a bomb strapped to his chest. In a monotone voice, Vanderhaven demands the tellers give him all the money or he will detonate the bomb. When the bank security guard tries to detain Vanderhaven, the mesmerized socialite detonates his bomb, killing himself, the guard and the bank teller.

In the days that follow, several more robberies are perpetrated by the "Human Bombs". With no leads, and no rhyme or reason to the attacks, the police are impotent in the face of the bizarre crime wave. Gwen Sterling, hypnotized and outfitted with an explosive device, robs Tiffany's jewelry store. The clerks press a silent alarm, that alerts the police to the robbery. Corrigan arrives to find his girlfriend has become one of the "Human Bombs". He allows her to escape in his car, then follows, as the Spectre. In the scientist's lair, the "Hypno Wheel" activates on it's on. Suddenly, the Spectre emerges through the stroboscopic light show. The scientist activates the "Human Bombs", all of whom surround the Spectre and prepare to detonate. The Spectre merely dissolves their explosive devices, then wills them out of their trance state. The scientist focuses two million volts of electricity through the Spectre. When it becomes apparent that the current is having no effect, the scientist flees. Luring the Spectre deeper into the bauxite mine, the scientist throws a switch that activates a trap door under the Spectre. Below is a pit filled with alligators, but the Spectre hovers in place. Then the scientist's eyes glaze over. In a mesmerized state he walks towards the Spectre, and plummets headlong into the pit. The scientist's screams fill the air, as he is devoured by the alligators.

A Quiet Day In Atlantis

Foiling multiple attacks against Atlantis, from the Black Manta, coupled with his adventures with the Justice League of America, have left Aquaman on the verge of exhaustion. No rest comes to the Sea King, though, as he takes a direct, surprise hit, from the Black Manta's manta ship. Aquaman falls unconscious into a deep crevasse. The manta ship pursues, to finish the Sea King off, but becomes entangled in seaweed, the deeper it descends. Unable to achieve the depth Aquaman descended to, the manta ship collapses the crevasse, burying Aquaman in tons of debris. Aquaman, however, has ducked into a cave. Though the entrance is now sealed, Aquaman is confidant that he will find a way out. Conferring with several cave dwelling marine creatues, Aquaman determines the path to escape. Barring his way, however, is a monstrous, tentacled, cyclopian horror. The creature is deaf to Aquaman's telepathic commands. With a tentacle lashed around him, Aquaman is drawn towards the creature's pulsating maw. Instead of resisting the creature's pull, Aquaman suddenly swims rapidly toward it, snapping the tentacle, as he passes over the monster's head. Hours later, Aquaman emerges from the cavernous tunnel, onto an Atlantean farm. He is just in time to save a young Atlantean girl, who has stepped in front of a mechanized harvester. This last rescue proves too much for the Atlantean monarch, who collapses in exhaustion. Awaking in an Atlantean hospital, Aquaman is chastised by his wife, Mera, who demands that her husband find time to rest between his adventures.

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