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Before Ultra Boy can learn the secret of the newest Legionnaires, Miss Terious and Sir Prize, their leader Invisible Kid stops him. A squad of the Legion answer a summons by R.J. Brande, the financial backer of the team, and find that he is being attacked by The Hag, a crony of Evillo. Miss Terious explains that she knows a spell to stop The Hag, but needs two rare items to do it. One group of Legionnaires goes in the past to meet Superboy and get a lock of hair from a different version of Mister Mxypltk. The Legion of Substitute Heroes goes in the past to greet Supergirl to get a print of Comet the Super-Horse's hooves. The two groups return to the future to complete Miss Terious' spell. The spell transforms the Hag into the White Witch. The White Witch then explains that Miss Terious is actually Dream Girl, and Sir Prize is Star Boy. The Legionnaires then go to Evillo's base to free some of their comrades that he had abducted, but find that the three Legion members are safe and better than ever! Lightning Lad has his arm back, Bouncing Boy has his powers back and Matter-Eater Lad is thin again. It seems Evillo's assistant, a doctor, hated Evillo and took his opportunity to oppose him when the Legionnaires came into his lab. Evillo was soundly defeated and Supergirl and Superman return from the past to join the team again. The problem with the kryptonite is solved thanks to Color Kid, who changed the color of it to blue, which is harmless to Kryptonians. Dream Girl and Star Boy are inducted back into the Legion.

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