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Story 1: Clark Kent, He-Man!

The Kents are tired of Clark acting weak when he has so many super abilities, so they move to Rail City and become the Dentons. Clark enjoys being Mark Denton, a boy who can be talented and athletic and not hide it. However, he doesn't have much time to be Superboy and it's Chameleon Boy, from the future, that helps him out of a tough jam. The Kents then decide to go back to Smallville.

Story 2: The Secret of the Mystery Legionnaire!

Now that Lightning Lad is dead, the Legion of Super-Heroes must recruit a new member. Marvel Lad, also known as Legionnaire Lemon, applies for membership and defeats all his initiation tests. He finally reveals that he is actually Mon-el and, with the help of Brainiac 5, is cured of the lead poisoning that kept him trapped in the Phantom Zone.

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